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We are working to increase the fun of gaming both within the game and on the blockchain, and users have to go back and forth between the two spaces to enjoy the game and earn tokens.

Fortress Arena is a Web3 game. The reason for using the Web3 method unlike the traditional game market is that there are some problems in the current game ecosystem.

In the traditional game market, users create revenue for game companies, but the only thing users get from game companies is game play. Since the role as a player is very limited in Web2, we think that the Web3 ecosystem, which can have ownership of assets, will develop the existing game industry.

Another problem in the existing game industry that we think is the polarization of games. Since the top-ranked game has become the structure that takes most of the sales, the cost of developing the game has increased dramatically. The size of the game that can cover the development cost is getting bigger and the games that can't be covered are getting smaller and the polarization of the game has happened.

Web3 games have the potential to solve the problems of the traditional game market, but the Web3 games that have been released so far have not achieved this potential. The problem of current Web3 games arose because the quality of current blockchain games was too low and not fun in games. In addition, the token price to run the Web3 game ecosystem was not well designed, so the price of the token is not very stable and the power to run the ecosystem was lost in many cases.

Fortress Arena uses Web3 technology, but tries to lead the popularization of Web3 games with a more fun and well-designed token economy.

Fun in game

Fortress Arena is an action shooting genre, it provides a genre that has not been seen in P2E games before. Players who like competition and action elements are very numerous in the existing game market, so we can deliver the fun as a genre to blockchain users and users who want to enter Web3.

This competition and action element induces the user's competition with the strategy of selecting the right characters and the skill of the player, and competing for tokens can further enhance the fun of the battle.

From PvE to PvP to RvR, the game maximizes the fun factor of Fortress Arena by providing content that diversifies strategy and proficiency and increases rewards as you progress to multiplayers/co-op.

Gaming experience from seamless play

The highest entry barrier for players in Web 3 games is that they have to pay a lot of attention to non-game elements such as wallets. Seamless concept refers to an integrated solution that provides a secure and easy process for all connection points related to the blockchain in gameplay, as well as the linkage between the wallet and the social account.

Dynamic Token Usage

Ownership is the key for token usage in the blockchain space. Since many types of tokens are used as key factors that make up the game ecosystem, it is fundamental to establish the use of tokens in relation to the transfer, expansion, and exchange of ownership. These ownerships can be used extensively by giving them various roles as content in games. Tokens in Fortress Arena are used to purchase various features outside of the game. It is also used as an ingredient for staking content and is needed to produce new tanks. Tokens are required when purchasing materials for production, and are exchanged for tokens when exchanging materials with users.

Stable NFT Supply

The number of NFTs is growing out of control and the price crashing is a problem often seen in p2e. The game needs a better system, but it still need to increase the number of NFTs along with user growth and make it cost tokens to breed NFTs. Breeding turns into the word transforming and the transforming, an existing NFT into a new NFT, requires consuming tokens to go through the process such as collecting tank pieces. After the process, there is a chance that a tank that did not exist before will be created or more than one tank will be created if tank supply is low.

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