Guide to Mission

  1. Mission List

    • The mission list allows you to check the stages that are currently accessible and inaccessible.

      • The upper stages are unlocked only when the previous stages are cleared.

      • However, sub-missions do not affect stage unlocking.

  2. Objective Mission

    • In the 'Objective Mission,' you can check the details of each stage.

      • You can check the number of targets, wind intensity, difficulty

  3. SubMission(The development is currently in progress)

    • Submissions refer to additional missions that must be achieved during stage progression.

      • Submissions do not affect the completion status of the mission.

      • Clearing submissions allows you to obtain a larger amount of resources and experience additional fun.

About the Target Mission and Base Destruction Mission

Base Destruction Mission

  • Base Destruction Mission means a mission to destroy the monster's base.

    • Players aim to destroy the monster's base within a designated number of turns

    • Other than base destruction, it is impossible to clear by any means.

    • Players can plan various presets for effective base destruction.

Target Mission

  • The Target Mission refers to a mission where only specified monsters are to be defeated.

  • You can clear the mission by defeating all targets.

  • If a player attacks a non-target, they will receive a penalty and fail the mission.

  • Try to defeat the target with your impressive shooting skills within the limited turns!

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