Fortress Arena
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Tank Rent Income

What is Tank Rent Income?

  • The Tank Rent Income feature enables you to keep track of the earnings (Cring and Lucky Balls) generated from staking tanks you own.
  • For an explanation of staking, see this link. (page coming soon)

Receiving Rental Income

  • If you have rental income, the RENT INCOME button in the ingame lobby will display a
    NEW icon.
  • The rental list displays the date of staking revenue, tank NFT number, tank name, and revenue.
  • All lists do not disappear as a log when you receive your earnings.
  • If you pressing
    RECEIVE ALL button, you can receive all available lists in bulk.
  • There are two lists in the Tank Rent Income popup STAGE income and LEAGUE income.

Case 1. List of Cring Revenue Through Stage Play of Rental Tank

CRING revenue unreceived list (top) , CRING revenue received list (bottom)
  • You can receive
    CRING income by pressing the Receive button in the list on the Tank Rent Income popup.

Case 2. List of Lucky Ball Earnings Through League Win of Rental Tank

  • LUCKY BALL income is earned automatically with only a log record in the Tank Rent Income popup.
  • The Receive button in the Lucky Ball income list is automatically disabled.


  • You can check how many Cring and Lucky Ball you have earned in the current season by looking at the Cringe and Lucky Ball count at the bottom of the screen.
  • The Total cring and Lucky ball count is reset when the season changes.