Fortress Arena
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Tank Rental

Where can I rent a tank?

Left : stage rental list / Right : League Rental List
  • To rent a tank, you can access this feature on both the STAGE and LEAGUE in-game screens. Here, you can equip a preset with 1-3 Rental Tanks selected randomly from a pool of 9 tanks available in the Rental List.
  • It's important to note that the Rental Lists for both STAGE and LEAGUE content are shared with each other.

How to apply and remove rental tank presets

  1. 1.
    Applying a rental tank preset
  1. 2.
    Unsetting the rental tank preset

Guide to the Rental List Reset feature

  1. 1.
    Automatic reset using List Reset Time
  • The List Reset Time displays the scheduled time at which the nine tanks available for rent in the Rental List are automatically reset. This reset follows a 12-hour cycle.
  1. 2.
    Automatic reset using the List Reset button
  • If there are no tanks in the list that you want to rent before the List Reset Time passes, you can pay CRING up to
    5 times to get a new rental tank by hitting the
    List Reset button in the top right corner of the RENTAL LIST.
  • If you reset the list by pressing the List Reset button, the cringe amount will increase according to the number of resets (see the cringe consumed per reset table below).
Reset frequency
Consumption Cring
40 cring
50 cring
70 cring
  • Reset button The reset cycle is reset after 12 hours of List Reset Time.

Rules for playing with rental tanks

Rule 1. STAGE reward cring revenue share

  • For users using Rental Tanks, the Stage Clear Reward Cringe will be reduced based on the number of Rental Tanks used in the preset 3 slots.
  • The amount reduced from the stage clear cringe is passed on to the staking user's rental revenue for each rented tank.
  • The reduced Cring for clearing stages with a rental tank is reflected in the MAIN REWARD, which changes when you equip a rental tank in the STAGE TANK preset. (See Main reward in Apply rental tank preset)
Rule 2. LEAGUE Free Rental Ticket Rules
  • When you play LEAGUE, you'll receive 5 free rental tickets every 12 hours that can only be used in LEAGUE.
  • If you rent a tank and participate in a LEAGUE match while you have a free rental ticket, you will not incur the rental tank entry fee and your rental ticket will be deducted by -1.
  • Without a free ticket, there is a LEAGUE entry fee of 400 CRING per rental tank.