Fortress Arena

Fortress Arena is a Web3 game that inherits the most famous Korean game "Fortress" series.

The Fortress series is a fighting game that uses tank characters to bombard and has a large fan base. Fortress Arena is a turn-based artillery shooting game using the Fortress Tank NFTs that destroys opponent's tanks with easy controls and gauges, so anyone can easily control and play.

We're trying to connect gamers and Web3 through our game that are accessible to everyone. The "Fortress" series is a proven action game that has already earned it the title of 'National Game' in Korea. In Fortress Arena, we plan to onboard a diverse user base from various chains to proven action games with multi-chain and global one-build games.

Since Fortress Arena is a game that anyone can easily access, we are making various efforts to make this Web3 game easy for general game users to access. With functions such as social login, you can play Fortress Arena without a blockchain wallet such as Metamask, and there is an NFT rental shop in the game, so you can enjoy the game for free without having NFTs. In addition, we plan to soft-land players to the Web3 ecosystem by using tokens earned from the game to conduct various activities without transactions.

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