Fortress Arena
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Game FAQ

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    What is a Cring?
  • Cring is the base currency used in the game Fortress Arena. It can be earned by playing various content in the game or as rewards for renting tanks you own.
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    What is a Lucky Ball?
  • Lucky Balls are the most basic reward for playing "League" in the Fortress Arena game. Lucky Balls are used to earn Season Rewards, which can be verified and redeemed through a smart contract.(For more information, see this link)
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    What is a Season?
  • A Season is a period of time during which a player can play in "League" mode. It consists of 3 competitive weeks and 1 non-competitive week, so players can only play competitive games in the League during the competitive season. Seasons last a total of 4 weeks, and the rewards available to players change as the season changes.
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    How to open lucky ball
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    How to change Nickname in game?
  • The player's nickname can be changed by touching the player's current nickname in the upper left corner of the initialization screen.
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    How do I get detailed stats for NFT tank?
  • You can check the basic stats and skill effects of your tank through the CHARACTER INFORMATION POPUP that appears when you select the exclamation mark icon in the tank NFT. (This is available for both owned and rental tanks.)
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    How to change my game wallet?
  • The game wallet is created at the same time as the user's game account is created. Therefore, the game wallet cannot be changed once it is attached to the account. The game wallet is utilized for game progression and to receive rewards for playing. The wallet is securely managed by the player by utilizing the latest MPC secured technology.
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    How to change my linked external wallet?
  • External wallets refers to a third-party wallet that the player is currently using (such as Metamask Wallet). External wallets can be managed in Fortress Arena's Marketplace. External wallets can still be used for trading, staking, etc. on NFTs players previously held. You can link or unlink your external wallet via the "Link to the wallet" feature in the Marketplace.
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