Fortress Arena
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Main Lobby

Main Lobby Interface Guide

  • This guide provides an overview of the Main Lobby Interface, which is your initial point of entry into the game.
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    Account Profile : This section displays the user's nickname, account level, and experience. Tapping on this area will open a user profile popup.
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    GUIDE : By clicking this button, you will be directed to a GitHub guide that comprehensively explains each screen and its functions.
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    Energy : Energy is a valuable resource that is expended when engaging in stage content. To learn more about energy, refer to the details page. (View the details page)
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    Cring : This is the primary currency used in Fortress Arena and can be earned as a reward for playing various in-game content or for staking tanks you own.
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    Top Menu
    • Season Lucky Ball : When pressed, this icon displays the seasonal Lucky Ball popup that can be obtained from the league content. (View the details page)
    • Season Ranking : Selecting this icon will display the league season ranking popup. (View the details page)
    • Setting : Clicking on this icon will bring up the game settings menu, allowing you to configure your game preferences.
    • Mail : This icon provides access to the mail system, where you can receive various system messages and notifications.(View the details page)
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    Tank Preset : This feature displays the NFT tanks that are currently equipped in your preset.
    (Left) No preset mounted tank, (Right) with preset mounted tank
    • When you select a preset
      empty slot (no card) icon, you are immediately taken to the inventory.
    • The
      left and
      right arrows on either side of the screen allow you to change the preset you see on the screen.
    • 1,2,3 If no tanks exist in the preset, an
      exclamation point notification is printed at the bottom of the preset.
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    Bottom Menu
    • Inventory : Access the inventory screen by selecting this button. In the inventory, you can manage presets and equip items for your NFT tank. (View the details page)
    • Rent Income : Clicking this button will open a Rent Income popup, where you can track the profit generated by staked tanks. (View the details page)
    • Shop : Currently under development.
    • Tutorial : By selecting this option, you will be directed to an in-game tutorial that covers the fundamental aspects of the game.
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    Game Content
    • Arena : Press the ARENA button to enter the PVP content, LEAGUE. (View the details page) INVADE Currently in development.
    • World : Press the World button to enter the PVE content, STAGE. (View the details page) BOSS RAID Currently in development.
    Press the ARENA button
Press the World button