Guide to unlocking stages

  • There are a total of 5 themes prepared, each consisting of 3 difficulty levels and 10 stages.

    • Also Each time you clear a stage, the next stage will be unlocked sequentially

    • When you clear the 10 stages where the boss appears, the next difficulty level and theme will be unlocked. (See the top image)

  • When selecting each stage, you can see the number of enemies that appear, and on the 10th stage, you can check the skill information of the theme boss. (See the top image)

Stage Play Energy

  • Your current energy status is conveniently displayed through the Energy UI located at the top of the game screen.

  • Energy regenerates at a rate of +1 unit every 3 minutes. It's important to note that energy does not regenerate if you are already at the MAX Energy limit.

  • The default maximum energy capacity is set at 300 units. However, for players who own NFT tanks, an additional +10 energy is added to the MAX energy for each tank owned. This means that the more tanks you possess, the greater your energy reserve can become.

  • Please note that if you leave the stage during play, the energy deducted will not be restored.

Stage Rewards

  • Stage rewards are divided into Enemy kill rewards and Stage clear rewards. (See the top image)

    1. Enemy kill rewards : CRING and EXP rewards for each enemy defeated.

    2. Stage clear rewards : CRING and EXP that can only be earned by Stage clear.

  • If you fail to clear the stage because all of your tanks are destroyed, you will only receive rewards for the enemies you killed. (However, you will not receive any compensation if you leave the game or quit while a stage is in progress.)

  • Enemy kill rewards and stage clear rewards are halved when playing a stage with a rental tank.

  • If you use a rental tank, retrying the stage is not possible.

Account Level up

  • When you level up by accumulating Stage EXP, you can restore your energy to MAX.

  • You can see your accumulated EXP in your profile in the main lobby.

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