Playable Tanks

Each playable tank in Fortress has its own unique properties. These properties determine the tank's primary abilities. Tanks also have unique skills, therefore the properties and skills gives them personality and makes them complementary to each other.


  • Race distinguishes the types of tanks, such as Carrot and Cannon.


  • Color distinguishes the appearance color of the tank.

  • Also, even tanks of the same race are distinguished by color.


  • Material determines the appearance of the NFT card.

  • The types of Material include Steel, Wood, and Radios.


  • Class indicates the grade or value of the tank.

    • Class affects the design of the NFT card.

  • Class determines the following factors:

    • Character Max Level : Character maximum level according to reinforcement.

    • Skill Max Level : Skill maximum level according to reinforcement.


  • Element adds or reduces damage based on mutual relationships in combat.

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