Staking Pool (Rental shop in game)

There is a special way of staking in Fortress Arena. The staking pool is directly connected to the rental shop in-game. The in-game rental shop lends users tanks by bringing tanks information staked in staking pools in each chain.

Users who do not have a tank NFT can randomly rent a tank from the in-game tank rental shop, and if they don't like the randomly assigned tank, they can use the game points to change the tank.

Once a tank is rented, it will disappear from the list of borrowers for one day, but it will not disappear from the list of other users. Each tank can be rented to N users per day. When the game is over, the reward of game points is calculated, and the rented tank automatically are returned with paying for repairs and renting fees according to the reward rate. The player earns the rest of the rewards.

The reward is settled once a day, and the user who earns the reward is given a reward in the form of in-game mail every day.

R&D Center (Under development)

The Supply of Materials

Materials can be produced by combining two tanks or obtained by burning one tank. There is no limit to the number of times to combine, but as the number of times of production increases, production costs and time continue to increase.

  • Tank Components Tank Components are the most basic materials needed to build a new tank. Components can be obtained by combining two tank NFTs. The components created by the combination will randomly inherit the properties of the parent tank. Acquiring by burning can also be considered strategically if you want to create a component of the desired property. Also, the components of the tank can be obtained by purchasing random boxes sold by the player in the market. The components that can be obtained from the random box are determined by the notified type and probability. In addition, the player can burn unnecessary components of the tank in possession and obtain the same new random box as the one on sale in the market.

  • Gen-stone Gen-stone is the material that plays the most important role in creating new tanks. Unlike the tank components, Gen-stones can only be obtained by burning of the tank. One of the key features of Gen-stone is that it determines the generation of new tanks. In addition, Gen-stone has multiple attributes that continue to inherit from its ancestors. Thus, players with tank NFTs can create special Gen-stones that have unique value depending on how they create Gen-stones.

The Production of new Tank

To create a new tank NFT, eight types of tank components and one Gen-stone are required. The type of tank components means the type of tank NFT that is split into 8 pieces. Each component has the potential attribute values required by the new tank, and the Gen-stone, which has multiple attributes, is considered to determine the attribute values of the new tank.

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