Fortress Arena
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Managing my tanks

  • The inventory feature allows users to manage the NFT tanks they own.

See all my owned tanks

  • In the inventory, all the NFT tanks you own can be conveniently found within the Tank tab, situated on the right side of your screen.
  • When you purchase a new NFT tank or receive a new NFT tank as a game prize, you will automatically receive it in the appropriate tab and a
    NEW ICON will be printed at the top of the NFT tank.

Tank search filters

  • Within the Tanks tab, you'll discover a set of useful filters designed to assist you in swiftly locating the specific tanks you desire.

Setting Tank Preset

Apply Tank Preset

  • You can select a tank from the Tank tab to mount on the left preset.

Unapply Tank Preset

  • When you select a tank within a preset, it will be automatically removed or "unapplied" from that preset.
  • If you wish to remove all tanks that are currently unapplied in the preset, you can achieve this with ease by pressing the RESET button. This action simplifies the process of bulk disarming tanks.

Renaming a Tank Preset

  • You can customize the name for each preset by selecting the
    rename icon.