Tank NFT (ERC-721)

Tank NFT

All playable tank characters in the game have a unique ID and are in the form of NFTs. Currently, there are 3720 tank NFTs on the Ethereum main chain, and they will be additionally issued whenever a game chain is selected.

Tank NFTs can currently be utilized in three ways:

  1. You can enjoy the Fortress Arena game and earn tokens.

  2. You can create Tank materials by combining two tanks or burning a tank.

  3. You can rent a tank and collect rewards.


You must rent or own a tank in-game to play the game. By playing games using the tanks you own, you can earn Game Point which can be exchanged for tank ERC-20 tokens at any time.


You can use your own tanks to produce the materials you need for the tank production. These materials have the properties required to produce new tanks, and it is necessary to prepare suitable materials to create the desired tanks.

Rental Pool

Because it is important for users to play the game without NFTs, a rental pool is provided for users without NFTs. NFTs provided to the rental pool are rented to users who play the game even if these user does not have a wallet. The renter and the Tank owner reach an agreement on revenue sharing for renting a tank, with the rental agreement secured via smart contract. The smart contract also includes each user’s wallet address and the profit share ratio which automatically distributes Game Point earned from the gameplay.

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