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LEAGUE Season Guide

  • LEAGUE follows a structured season cycle lasting for one month.
  • This cycle comprises a season play period, spanning three weeks, and a subsequent settlement period lasting two weeks.
  • Here's an overview of the features available in League Content during a season: (See the table below)
Season categori
LEAGUE Matching
Open Lucky Ball
Season duration
Season settlement
Not possible

League Matching Conditions

  • This section outlines the consumption of Cring when entering LEAGUE matches.

Case 1. Matching with Rental Tank

  • When matching through Tank Rentals, there are two situations matching with a Free Rental ticket and matching by spending Cring.
  • Every 12 hours, you'll receive x5
    free rental tickets, with a deduction of one ticket per match, regardless of how many rental tanks you have in your preset.
  • You can check the remaining Rental free ticket refill time through Reset Time in the BATTLE button of LEAGUE. (See the top image)
  • If all Free rental rental tickets are used up, an entry fee of 400 crings per tank will be deducted from the match. (See Top Battle button image)
  • Please note that matches with owned tanks are not affected by the deduction of free rental tickets. (This means that if you use free tickets with a mix of leased and owned tanks, losing a league will destroy both the ticket deduction and the owned tank.)

Case 2. Matching with owned tank

  • Owned tanks do not require an entry fee. However, if an owned tank is defeated in LEAGUE, it will incur a repair fee per tank class before it can be used again in LEAGUE matches. (Stages are not affected by tank destruction.)
  • Destroyed Tanks can be repaired from the LEAGUE Preset or the Inventory. (See image below)
1. Repair from a LEAGUE preset
2. Repair from inventory
  • The repair cost varies depending on the tank class.(See table below)
Tank Class
Repair Cring
1920 cring
1680 cring
1440 cring
1260 cring
1200 cring

LEAGUE Results

  • When you play a match with an opponent, there are three possible outcomes win, lose, and draw.
  • What to do with wins, lose, draw (see table below)
-Destroying all of your opponent's tanks within a limited number of in-game turns.
-When a player has more surviving tanks by the end of a limited number of game turns.
-Earn Lucky Balls for each tank class
-Staking users who own each rental tank get a Lucky Ball (See which Lucky Balls can be earned by staking tank class)
-If all of a player's tanks are destroyed within a limited in-game turn
-If a player leaves the game within a limited number of in-game turns. -When your opponent has a lot of survival tanks until the end of your limited in-game turn.
-When you and your opponent have the same number of surviving tanks by the end of a limited in-game turn.
-If the opponent leaves the game within the limited in-game turn.