Fortress Arena
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League Season Rewards

"Season Rewards" in Fortress Arena are unique blockchain game content. In "League" mode, seasons occur on a monthly cycle, comprising a competitive season and an off-season. These rewards encompass two main types Season Lucky Ball Rewards and Season Ranking Rewards. (For the concept of a lucky ball, see the bottom of the page what is lucky ball?)
What is Lucky Ball?
Lucky Balls are the most important reward in "Season Rewards". Players earn them by winning matches against other players in League mode during the competitive season. The number of Lucky Balls you receive as a reward depends on whether you own or rent a tank and the class of the tank you own.
Lucky Balls owned by a player are issued based on the game wallet linked to the account and recorded in a smart contract on the gaming blockchain. Lucky Balls accumulated during the season will be used to determine the rewards that can be received as Lucky Balls according to the user's request through the SMART contract.
Lucky Ball will issue a 6-digit code for "Season Rewards". At the beginning of each season, a 6-digit winning code is issued in the gaming blockchain's smart contract to be compared with the Lucky Ball's code, and the user's reward is determined by comparing the number of codes issued to the number of Lucky Balls owned with the winning code. The rewards for attaining Lucky Ball codes can encompass unique mutant NFTs or Crings, both of which hold significant utility within the game. These rewards serve to enrich the player's experience in Fortress Arena.